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Hi, I'm Sonia! 

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I’m a lifestyle, wedding, elopement, and food photographer. I started my career as a behind the scenes/unit stills photographer on movie and music video sets almost 8 years ago.

I made the change in my life and career from movie sets to lifestyle photography because working on sets didn’t feel fulfilling to me anymore. I knew I wasn’t living up to my true potential. Even though things were uncertain and scary at the time of that transition, I knew that, in the end, trusting my gut and being true to my authentic self was all that I could do. Since then, I’ve been sharing my own story on Instagram and documenting my adventures along the way.

Telling stories is what I do. I believe stories are the thread that weave us all together. They allow us to relate, reflect rejoice and remember.

I am a photographer because I am passionate about making the beauty and emotion of the milestones of your life last a lifetime. My style is laid-back, soft, romantic, emotive, and deeply rooted in storytelling (with a dash of adventurous, too!).

When I’m not working, you’ll find me cozied up at home with a cup of coffee and my journal, writing poetry, tending to my garden, creating Youtube videos + podcasting, or going on grand adventures with my husband, Andrew.

This past June my husband and I moved to the Big Island of Hawaii to live a slower paced life and closer to nature. We currently live in Keaau on an acre parcel homestead surrounded by lush green, avocado, lychee and hibiscus trees.

Let’s connect and create something beautiful together!

With so much love and aloha,
Sonia xx


Sonia Primerano Photography


▹ I grew up in Montreal, Canada.

▹ I speak French and Italian, and know basic Spanish, too.

▹ I dropped out of University.

▹ I'm an only child. 

▹ I met my husband on a solo backpacking trip through Costa Rica 3 years ago. We were volunteering at the same retreat centre, instantly connected, travelled to Guatemala together for a month after that, and haven't looked back since. We got married on the Summer Solstice of 2018!

▹ I'm a classically-trained pianist, and although I haven't played in a while, I have played the piano for almost 20 years. I’ve also played electric bass and alto saxophone.

▹ I am also the maker and founder of Earth + Coven. I make handmade organic, plant-based elixirs, tinctures, face serums, body oils, and more!

▹ My life dream is to live simply and have a family with my husband in a beautiful home surrounded by nature. With a huge garden and tons of fruit trees. Somewhere warm and close to the sea…. that very dream has come true as we are now living on our little homestead in Keaau on the Big Island of Hawaii!

I'm always travelling.
Here's where I'll be next. 

If you want to book a session with me in any of my upcoming travel locations, please contact me and we can schedule a date + time to meet! 


Big Island of Hawai’i

This is my husband, Andrew, and I enjoying a moment of togetherness in Hawaii.

This is my husband, Andrew, and I enjoying a moment of togetherness in Hawaii.